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This is the Bay Profit Academy team, and we’d like to personally thank you for your purchase today.
We’re so excited we can help you create a very profitable eBay business in your spare time.

Even if you have no prior eBay experience.

While the Bay Profits Academy training is complete on its own,
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The biggest secret of successful eBay sellers is they are great researchers. They spend hours finding trends, hot selling products and scoping out their competition.

It’s how they edge out their competition.

And the very best sellers, such as Salman, have a little help to make their research tasks MUCH easier. That way they can spend less time getting the results they’re after.

Because after all. . .

Money Loves Speed!

We can’t stress enough about how important it is to be on top of your research if you want to make maximum profits on eBay.

This way, you can find the best products at the lowest prices to put more profits in YOUR pocket . . . jump on breaking trends . . . AND a whole lot more.

And takes hours of painful manual research to do what our ‘secret weapon’ does in mere minutes.

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eBay Profits Automation

BayDrill is our new software which takes a lot of the pain out of eBay research. Yet, it does MUCH more . . .

BayDrill does all this:

  • Finds products which can be listed and dropshipped straight from Amazon - this has the potential for huge profits and Amazon takes care of the hassle of shipping for you
  • Shows you the most popular items according to eBay's Cassini search engine (Cassini shows visitors search results in a way most likely to generate an immediate sale . . . so you can take notes on which listings are most popular . . . and use them for models for your own listings)
  • Discovers sale trends so you can be among the first to cash in on hot trending niches and items
  • Shows you the top sellers on, and (so you can do some important niche and competition reseach - and even grab some international sales)
  • Get the profit/loss summary of popular items you decide to sell with a click of the mouse . . . so you never create an unprofitable listing

Watch the demo video below to discover how
BayDrill can help YOU make fast profits:


The Proof
Is In
The Profits!

You may be asking, “Do I really need BayDrill? Isn’t the Bay Profits Academy training enough on its own?”

Well, we want to reassure you, absolutely, Bay Profits Academy has everything you need to get started creating profitable eBay listings.

However, if you’re like us, you want to make profits ASAP!

And this is exactly why we’re offering YOU access to the same tool we use daily to add rocket fuel our eBay listings.

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Your Purchase Today Is Fully Backed By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you haven’t grabbed BayDrill yet, it could be because you’re worried it won’t work as described.

Well, you don’t have to worry - the risk’s all on us.

Try out BayDrill for a full 30-days from purchase.

Find hot trends and products without hours-and-hours of manual searches. Quickly calculate your profit on any given item. Enjoy how much time you’ll save. . . and how easy it is to create profitable campaigns.

In the unlikely event BayDrill doesn’t meet with your full satisfaction, then we’d be embarrassed to keep your money. In that case, simply contact our support desk for a ‘no hassles, no questions asked’ 100% refund of your purchase price.

What could be more fair?

There’s Two Lanes On Every Highway
To Take You Where You Want To Go. .  .

You’ll arrive at the same destination whether you drive in the slow lane or in the fast lane. Most of us who are entrepreneurs, prefer the fast lane.

The faster you can get into profit, the faster you can scale up your business and start outsourcing portions of it. Because, let’s face it, no one gets into business to see how many hours they can work.

It’s why given the choice, they’ll take the fast lane to profits EVERY time.

And BayDrill helps you speed up your research, find hot trending items, and quickly calculate if a product would be profitable to list . . . so it moves you towards profitability much faster than you could achieve with slow manual research.

So if you’re ready to pull into the fast lane with eBay, there’s only one thing left to do. .  .

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To your success,
The Bay Profits Academy Team

P.S. In just 30 days from now, you could be much further ahead in your eBay business than you are right now - with a little help from BayDrill. Why spend hours in manual research when you don’t have to? Why guess which products are selling best? Why kick yourself you missed out on yet another hot trend, when you didn’t have to?

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  • q-iconIs BayDrill difficult to install?

    There’s absolutely nothing to install! BayDrill is a web-based tool. It runs on our secure server. There’s no WP plugins to install and slow your sites down. There’s no need to install server files with FTP either. Just enter your search terms and parameters, and click “Search.” That’s it!

  • q-iconDo I need BayDrill to be successful with Bay Profits Academy?

    No, Bay Profits Academy is 100% complete on its own. However, you will receive much faster results by automating your research with BayDrill.


  • q-iconCan I use BayDrill on my Mac?

    BayDrill is web-based, so it’s fully compatible with both Mac & PC.


  • q-iconCan BayDrill also help me research the hottest selling products on Amazon?

    Yes! Not only can you find the most popular selling products on Amazon, you can also find which sellers are offering them. This way, you can see if you can use the Amazon arbitrage model (which is revealed in the main course), and be profitable.

  • q-icon I’m not very techy. Is BayDrill easy for a beginner to use!

    It couldn’t be more simple or intuitive to use. Plus there’s absolutely nothing to install – BayDrill works right out of the box.